About Us

Modern day health care delivery requires a highly complex organisational structure, with a wide range of specialists and support workers trying to deliver a service to a population which is itself gaining in complexity, knowledge and expectation. At the same time the technologies being used to improve health care are rapidly evolving.

In order to keep pace with this evolving situation, health care workers and management need accurate, relevant and timely information. This will help them to deal better with the demands of day to day health care and make regular process and organisational improvements necessary to meet the varying demands.

This level of information capture and delivery can only be provided by more extensive and advanced digitisation of the healthcare process.

The Manitex vision is that all valuable health care information should be easily gathered and presented as a by-product of the healthcare process, and access to the relevant information in any healthcare setting should be available when, where and how it is needed without the need for any specialist technical skills.

We welcome partnerships with our customers and other health care organisations to help us to help you deliver on this vision.

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