About us

MANITeX is a privately owned Irish company based in County Dublin. Manitex was established in the year 2000 to focus on modernisation in the Irish Health Informatics market. Manitex is a ‘solutions’ focused supplier of Information Technology products and services. We specialise in delivering practical solutions to meet the real requirements of today in the Irish Health Informatics market.


When a customer chooses MANITeX they are making a wise decision for a 'solution' that will meet their strategic objectives and functional requirements. Manitex consistently provides a complete solution in terms of the required software, tools and implementation services necessary to bring the customer Live in a smooth and efficient manner.


MANITeX has three main product lines in our broad portfolio: 1) HealthDIVER – The Management Information and Performance Management Portal. Off the shelf business intelligence solution for any Irish Hospital, with KPI dashboard and detailed Analytics. 2) EndoRAAD – Is the HSE National solution for an Integrated Endoscopy Clinical Information System, which is widely installed across the country. 3) FIOS - The Client Information System for Community Mental Health Services.


Our multi-disciplinary team offers a range of services to help our customers reach their project goals. MANITeX has the experience of providing information systems and services to multiple Hospitals and other Health care organisations in Ireland. We have an extremely broad knowledge of Irish Health information requirements and the existing applications and databases in the Hospitals.