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The Manitex vision is that all valuable healthcare information should be easily gathered and presented as a by-product of the healthcare process, and access to the relevant information in any healthcare setting should be available when, where and how it is needed without the need for any specialist technical skills.

Manitex is a privately owned Irish company based in County Dublin. Manitex was established in 2000 to focus on modernisation in the Irish Health market.

We provide solutions for Community Mental Health, Endoscopic Health and Health Intelligence.


The solutions we provide have been engineered to efficiently support the customer's workflow and are based on a detailed understanding of the organisation's performance and quality indicators.

The software applications are therefore optimised so that the dashboards and data analytics available can support any information need and assist continual process improvement.

Manitex customers number 39 public and private healthcare organisations in Ireland.


Manitex has three main product lines:

EndoRAAD – HSE National solution for an Integrated Endoscopy Clinical Information System and Electronic Patient Record, covering the full Endoscopy Clinical workflow and documentation.

FIOS - Client Information System that covers the workflow of community Mental Health Services.

HealthDIVER – Self Service Health Intelligence and Data Analytics "Solution" for Irish hospitals, supporting better quality and continual process improvement.


Manitex provides a complete solution in terms of the required software, tools and implementation services necessary to bring the customer Live in a smooth and efficient manner.

Manitex has the experience of providing information systems and services to multiple Hospitals and other Health care organisations in Ireland.

We therefore have an extremely broad knowledge of Irish Health information requirements and the existing applications and databases used across the industry.
  • Latest News

    Manitex launches new products at the Future Health Summit

    May 14, 2024
    Manitex will launch a range of new cloud-based products onto the Irish market at the Future Health Summit on the 29-30th May 2024 (www.futurehealthsummit.com). Patient...

    Diver: Best in KLAS for Driving Tangible Patient Outcomes with Metrics

    November 28, 2023
    KLAS Research (USA) confirms Diver implementations outperform HER Analytics from any of the major EHR suppliers e.g. EPIC, Cerner. This reinforces a previous USA Survey which shows that EHR Analytics (i.e. analytics provided with the EHR system) yields lower user satisfaction than both an analytics-specific platform from a 3rd party supplier or in-house developed solution.

    EndoRAAD V5.0 Goes Live in Bon Secours Dublin

    December 21, 2022
    The Bon Secours Hospital Dublin  recently went live on EndoRAAD V5.0 in their four Endoscopy procedure rooms. The hospital led the way by nominating themselves...

    Manitex partners with Microsoft

    June 17, 2022
    Manitex is pleased to announce its partnership with Microsoft and Vuzion. Based in Dublin, Ireland, and Fareham, Hampshire, Vuzion is a cloud aggregator and distributor,...

    Beaumont upskills their Diver power users

    May 31, 2022
    Beaumont Hospital has used the Diver Solution for many years in the majority of their departments for reporting and analysis. In the winter of 2021,...

    Endoscopy Service expands at Bon Secours Tralee

    April 27, 2022
    Manitex recently managed the expansion of EndoRAAD to cover a new Procedure Room in the Bon Secours Hospital Tralee, bringing the total number of Procedure...
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  • Mission Statement

    Modern day health care delivery requires a highly complex organisational structure, with a wide range of various specialists and support workers trying to deliver a service to a population which is itself gaining in complexity, knowledge and expectation.

    At the same time the technologies being used to improve health care are rapidly evolving.

    In order to keep pace with this evolving situation and maintain their balance health care workers and management need accurate, relevant and timely information. This will help them to deal better with the demands of day to day health care and make regular process and organisational improvement necessary to meet the varying demands over time.

    This level of information capture and delivery can only be provided by more extensive and advanced digitisation of the healthcare process.

    The Manitex vision is that all valuable health care information should be easily gathered and presented as a by-product of the healthcare process, and access to the relevant information in any healthcare setting should be available when, where and how it is needed without the need for any specialist technical skills.

    We welcome partnerships with our customers and other health care organisations to help us to help you deliver on this vision. 

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