Manitex offers three primary product lines that have the potential to significantly enhance the value of our customers’ current information systems architecture. All Manitex products are web based and can be deployed in the Cloud, via Microsoft AZURE.

EndoRAAD has become the HSE National solution for an Integrated Endoscopy Clinical Information System and Electronic Patient Record. EndoRAAD covers the full Endoscopy clinical workflow and documentation, including the real-time capture of images and video during the patient’s procedure. More information: EndoRAAD

FIOS is a Client Information System that covers the workflow of community Mental Health Services, currently used for the HSE’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and Family Therapy Clinics. The system can be securely accessed by a wide range of administrative & clinical users all with the appropriate levels of access to the client’s electronic record.
More information – FIOS

HealthDIVER is a Self service Health Intelligence and Data Analytics solution for Irish Hospitals, covering all National KPI’s for patient management and supporting continual improvement in performance and quality. HealthDIVER is the global name for a portfolio of solutions which we have implemented in the last 20 years covering the majority of the information requirements in Irish Hospitals.
More information – HealthDiver

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