MANITeX has three main product lines, which can add massive value to our customer’s existing Information Systems

Please select the link below for further details and brochures on these products:

HealthDIVERHealthDIVER – Management Information and Performance Management Portal for Irish Hospitals, supporting continual improvement in performance and quality. Off the shelf business intelligence solution for any Irish Hospital, with KPI dashboard and detailed Analytics.

EndoRAAD – HSE National solution for an Integrated Endoscopy Clinical Information System, covering Clinical workflow and documentation.

FIOS – Client Information System for Community Mental Health Service. System supports the complete workflow of a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Clinic.

Other products available through Manitex, see Electronic Patient Record page for more information

CGM CLININET (PDF) – product suite which is a full filmless and paperless EPR and HIS system

CGM NETRAAD (PDF) – Web based RIS/PACS/DICOM Viewer and Teleradiology. Delivers medical Images to CLININET.

DIAGRAAD (PDF) – Highly functional Web based DICOM Workstation, that will integrate with any existing PACS system.

CGM CLININET ePortal – on-line patient access for referrals, appointments, consultations, etc.

CGM Other – Other products available from CGM e.g. Laboratory, DSS.

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