MANITeX personnel combine significant Health Informatics expertise spanning the last 30 years, covering the following areas:EndoDIVER

  • Clinical Workflow
  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Patient Administration
  • Decision Support
  • Management Information
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Systems Integration

Our multi-disciplinary team offers a range of services to help our customers reach their project goals.

Manitex takes overall responsibility for the implementation and support of the software in Ireland. This includes installation, configuration, customisation, training, documentation, implementation, project management, help desk, etc.

Manitex has the experience of providing information systems and services to multiple Hospitals and other Health care organisations in Ireland. We therefore have an extremely broad knowledge of Irish Health information requirements and the existing applications and databases in the Hospitals, having had to implement interfaces and integration to many of the existing solutions in Ireland.

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