Electronic Patient Record

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Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

EndoRAAD is a complete Clinical Information System for procedures involving Endoscopy and Ultrasound examinations e.g. Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, ERCP, Bronchoscopy, EUS, Cystoscopy, EBUS, etc. It supports the Clinical workflow of the doctors and the other clinical staff in the Endoscopy department but also provides a long term electronic record of all Patient and Clinical information including pictures and Video sequences.

EndoRAAD allows the doctor to capture pictures and incorporate these into a complete report on the patient’s procedure. All reports and images are stored in a long term Archive so that the complete Electronic Patient Record (EPR) can be made available to authorised users anywhere in the Hospital.

Reference Sites –  HSE South/ SW, HSE West/ NW, HSE NE, HSE Midlands, Connolly Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Blackrock Clinic, Bon Secours Group, Galway Clinic, etc.

The EndoRAAD system has a number of software modules:
EndoRAAD Reporting – PC based Report creation, Image capture, Report Amendments.
EndoARCH – Web based long term Archive of the complete EPR for Endoscopy procedures.
EndoSCHEDULE – Web based Appointment & Resource Scheduling for Endoscopy (PDF).
EndoNURSE – Web based Nursing Records for Endoscopy (PDF).
EndoDIVER – Web based Information Management System for all EndoRAAD data (PDF).

EndoDIVER, includes specialist OLAP Data Models which have been constructed from “all” structured data and text entered into EndoRAAD for every patient procedure. The Diver Management Information tools then provide the user with the ability to analyse and report freely on the EndoRAAD data, for a multitude of purposes e.g. statistics, reports, charts, export, research, clinical audit, surveillance, clinical alerts, ad hoc, etc

EndoRAAD Features & Benefits (PDF)– Click to download this document which describes the features and benefits of EndoRaad in more detail.

A comprehensive Hospital Information System and Electronic Patient Record system covering the range of contacts, treatment and activity relating to the patients stay in Hospital. Common technology with NetRAAD based on an open Web based architecture with Client access via a platform independent web browser  ( Mozilla Firefoc, Microsoft Internet Explorer). Open integration with back-end operational systems e.g. patient, clinical, laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy.

A combined Medical Image Management, RIS/PACS and Teleradiology System. It accepts images from DICOM and non-DICOM sources as well as scanned documents and media files. It supports the multi-media electronic patient record, which can include static images (e.g. X-rays, CT, MRI), motion pictures (e.g. video of endoscopic procedures), sounds files (e.g. voice comments, dictation), etc. Open and modular technology allows for the integration of NetRAAD modules with 3rd party systems (e.g. PACS, Radiology, EPR). Its unique architecture allows for the efficient distribution of images across various Networks (e.g. WAN, Intranet, standard Hospital network, Internet.) and low cost of ownership.

Highly functional Web based DICOM Workstation, that will integrate with any existing PACS system.

Case Studies / Reference Sites

EndoRAAD is a product of CompuGroup Medical and Manitex, CGM CLININET and CGM NETRAAD are products of CompuGroup Medical, EndoDIVER is a product of Manitex

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