EndoRAAD – Electronic Patient Record

  • EndoRAAD Reporting: PC based Report creation, Image capture, Report Amendments. 
  • EndoARCH: Web based long term Archive of the complete EPR for Endoscopy procedures.
  • EndoSCHEDULE: Web based Appointment & Resource Scheduling for Endoscopy. (PDF)
  • EndoNURSE: Web based Nursing Records for Endoscopy. (PDF)
  • EndoDIVER: Web based Information Management System for all EndoRAAD data. EndoDIVER: includes specialist OLAP Data Models which have been constructed from “all” structured data and text entered into EndoRAAD for every patient procedure. The Diver Management Information tools then provide the user with the ability to analyse and report freely on the EndoRAAD data, for a multitude of purposes e.g. statistics, reports, charts, export, research, clinical audit, surveillance, clinical alerts, ad hoc, etc. (PDF)

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