Some of the areas we can help our  customers to address are:

Management Information and Decision Support. Our systems deliver information directly to the desktop in a familiar and intuitive manner. Users in clinical, administration or financial areas can easily monitor Performance and Quality indicators.

Electronic Patient Record. Integration of multimedia data types (e.g. text, images, voice, video, etc.) into a common electronic view of the patient’s record.

Medical Imaging. Management of medical images as part of the Electronic Patient Record. Seamless diagnosis, distribution and review of images across the organisation’s Intranet/ Extranet or via the Internet.

e-Health and Web Migration. The provision of functionality that will run on the organisation’s Intranet/ Extranet or on the Internet. Thereby providing optimum interaction between healthcare providers, health authorities, suppliers, staff and the citizen/ patient. Integration of new and existing systems at both the back-end database level and at the user interface desktop level, to improve the overall quality and usability of available information.

Clinical Workflow and Information. Expanding the customer’s Information Systems to cover the complex workflow and information requirements in Clinical areas.

Clinical Governance. Providing the necessary IT infrastructure to support high quality patient centred healthcare.

Mobile Working. The use of Palm and Mobile devices to support the complex mobile workflow requirements associated with healthcare.

Systems Management and Optimisation. A range of system tools and utilities to support the more effective management of the organisation’s computers and networks.

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