Diver: Best in KLAS for Driving Tangible Patient Outcomes with Metrics

KLAS Research (USA) has just published its latest Data & Analytics Platforms performance report.

This confirmed that Diver implementations from Dimensional Insight outperform the analytics solutions delivered with any of the major EHR suppliers e.g. EPIC, Cerner, Meditech.  

Fred Powers, President & CEO of Dimensional Insight stated “I’m proud that this customer-focused approach was validated by KLAS Research. In my mind, this chart says it all.

“By not only breaking down information silos and providing the KPIs to measure progress, but also by having a dedicated, knowledgeable team that can provide the right guidance and feedback to actually get results. Our investments in having the right team in place have provided that critical piece in driving change.”

Kathy Suich, Vice President of Marketing at Dimensional Insight stated “this research is worth a read for any healthcare providers looking to get more impactful results from analytics”.

This reinforces a previous USA Survey which shows that EHR Analytics (i.e. analytics provided with the EHR system) yields lower user satisfaction than both an analytics-specific platform from a 3rd party supplier or in-house developed solution.

More info and to download the survey -> bit.ly/MXHD2101  

Dimensional Insight have hundreds of Hospital customers in the US and worldwide, and most of them are using the EHR products currently being proposed and deployed in Ireland e.g. EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, etc.

Please see the following Case Studies link which consistently endorse Diver despite a wide variation of backend EHR’s and other multiple data sources – https://www.healthcare.dimins.com/resources/case-studies/

In the large Dimensional Insight customer base in the US, their customers use the following products as their primary Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Dimensional Insight (author of the Diver Platform), has been consistently the Best in KLAS healthcare business intelligence and analytics solution for over a decade. Other recent Diver accolades:

For more information on what’s happening in Ireland see the following:

  • How Health Intelligence can maximise your data assets! http://bit.ly/MXHD2010 
  • Mater Misericordiae University Hospital – “Mater CEO – Diver tools allow Hospital to react and respond to the demands placed on their services”  http://bit.ly/MXHD2109 

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