Announcements –

15th November 2017 – HISI 2017 – Health Diver Self-Service Business Intelligence – Visualise your Organisation

6th November 2017 – National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) deploys “Self Service” Finance Dashboard to support Key Performance Indicators

12th October 2017 – “EHR Ready” EndoRAAD – Preparing the way for Ireland’s Electronic Health Record (EHR)

22nd May 2017 – HSE Electronic Health Record (EHR) – Endoscopy Information System expands into 7 more Hospitals

3rd December 2015 – Manitex-Business-Intelligence-Driving-Decision-Making-to-Improve-Patient-Care

1st November 2014 – BIG DATA in Health – SMALL problem for DIVER – HISI 2014

1st October 2014 – Executive Dashboards at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

1st October 2014 – High Accolades for the Diver Solution

1st March 2014 – National Endoscopy Clinical Information System for HSE – Phase 1 & 2 Completed

31st November 2013 – Bon Secours Hospital Dublin – Endoscopy Clinical Information System

5th January 2012- Diver Solution named Best in KLAS for Health Business Intelligence for the third year in a row

20th October 2011 – Dimensional Insight named top performer in Business Intelligence Survey 10 from BARC

17th November 2010 – Manitex announces option to deploy Health-Diver in the ‘Cloud’ 

1st June 2009 – Mater Misericordiae University Hospital implements Electronic Patient Record for Endoscopy

1st May 2009 – Electronic Patient Record for Endoscopy implemented in St. Vincent’s University Hospital

19th&20th  November 2008 – Manitex Products at HISI 2008

1st November 2008 – Health Diver supporting Performance Management in St. Vincent s University Hospital 

18th Sept 2007 – ICT in Healthcare – Manitex contributes to ComputerScope article

31st March 2006 – Health Management Technology Features Diver Solution

1st November 2005 – Endoscopy suite in Beaumont Hospital is utilising computerised Reporting and Image/ Video Capture

10th&11th November 2004 – There’s some interesting things happening in Health Informatics, HISI 2004 Conferance

1st November 2004 – St. Vincent’s University Hospital gets Web based Business Intelligence Solution

16th April 2004 –  Lee Memorial Health Systems: Increasing Patient Satisfaction

24th December 2003 – DI-Diver – Just the Cure for Neighborhood Health Plan

13th&14th Nov 2002 – Manitex to attend the Health Informatics Society of Ireland (HISI) Annual Conference

10th June 2002 – Beaumont Hospital goes thin client with Business Intelligence Solution based on Linux

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