EndoRAAD V 5.0 – Helping to expand the boundaries of Endoscopic medicine

Manitex has announced the release of EndoRAAD V 5.0, the most significant upgrade to EndoRAAD for several years. V 5.0 will allow our customer hospitals to broaden the scope and quality of their endoscopy services.

EndoRAAD is an HSE national solution for an integrated endoscopy clinical information system, covering the complete endoscopy clinical workflow and documentation. Since first being installed in 2003, over one million Endoscopy procedures have been recorded in Ireland, and the software has been used by over 2,000 endoscopists in 34 hospitals and 20 cities.

Customers can download the release notes and detailed documentation for EndoRAAD V 5.0 via the on-line documentation and training system (MOLT) or send a request to the Manitex service desk via support@manitex.ie.

Manitex will project manage each upgrade and provide the following associated services to ensure a smooth transition for each hospital:

  • Installation, configuration and testing in the training environment
  • Support the hospital’s user acceptance testing
  • Recommend associated hardware upgrade requirements
  • Refresher training for each hospital (on-site and remote)
  • Assist hospital in reviewing operational protocols
  • Review requirements for implementing high definition (HD) image capture from the endoscopic cameras
  • Support the hospital through the Go-Live process

The EndoRAAD system supports many features critical to the HSE’ s plans for a National Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the integration of healthcare across Ireland that will be managed by the new Hospital Groups.

  • EndoRAAD also has the function to manage the whole endoscopy pathway in any hospital or hospital group
  • Central management with distributed controls and access across the enterprise
  • On-line management of referrals (eReferrals or manual)
  • Overall waiting list management
  • Consultant triage and prioritisation of referrals
  • Electronic diary and appointments for all endoscopy performing locations (within all hospitals)
  • Management of DNA’s and cancellations
  • Endoscopy patient workflow management from referral through to reporting and discharge
  • Creation of patient reports and all other clinical and nursing documentation
  • Long term Electronic Patient Record containing all documents and images
  • Open industry standard integration with other systems (e.g. EHR, HIS, NQAIS, Track & Trace, Theatre, OCM, RIS/PACS, LAB, etc.), as required depending on local circumstance

For further information please contact marketing@manitex.ie



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