Beaumont – Diving into Covid-19 amongst other things

Beaumont Hospital has worked tirelessly to deal with the impact of Covid-19/Coronavirus, making efforts to manage and control the spread of the virus, amongst many other information challenges. Diver makes Executive dashboards available in key strategic areas (e.g. OPD waiting lists) and automatically broadcasts HR reports via email, significantly reducing manual efforts.

Diver supports many internal research projects e.g., Impact of overcrowding in ED on mortality and morbidity; ALOS trends and links to Readmission rates; duplication rates in OPD referrals.

Diver also provides Hospital-wide analytics and reporting capabilities for end users. A Business Intelligence working group was  established to foster a culture for information availability and access in the Hospital.

The Diver product has been particularly useful for drilling into the Covid-19 data, as testified by their Head of Intelligence: “Diver has been very important in supporting the hospital through Covid-19 process changes”.  He outlined the following areas:

  • Mandatory Staff Training: Diver has helped to access dashboards and also in allocating ownership to departmental users e.g Hand Hygiene.
  • Covid-19 daily incident planning:  daily meeting which is used by the Infection Control Dept., National System – to research the number of ICU Covid patients at the onset of the pandemic.
  • HSE Covid-care tracker to get the discharge and mortality data.
  • Staff testing and Contact tracing for identifying the staff members that are symptomatic to assist in departmental staff planning.
  • Helped with the Covid-19 PPE Training and Staff Temperature measurement.
  • Diver Broadcast via email has been useful in flagging and monitoring the patients who need a repeat Covid Test as per the hospital policy in preventing internal outbreak.
  • The management of patients in A&E via the Patient Flow system.
  • Also tracking the patient’s length of stay for Covid-19 and generally.
  • Diver Broadcast helps In creating the Discharge Letters for patients. 
  • Diver has also been useful in the area of  Vaccine Complaints Tracking within the hospital. 
  • It has also helped so much in the area of texting systems for the Covid-19 test results to staff and patients.
  • Diver has assisted in the Waiting List Management at a group level, which is very crucial in the inevitable re-organisation and management of patients at the time of the pandemic. As well as working with the NTPF (National Treatment Purchase Fund) for the purpose of  generating new codes.
  • It has also been very useful in managing the spread of the infectious CPE disease within the hospital.
  • It has been useful in the Thrombectomy analysis.
  • It has also transformed the manual Ward Transfer to efficient electronic management.
  • Diver particularly has been useful in the Endoscopy Audit via EndoRAAD Data linked with Patient Record to analyse who has died or been readmitted into the hospital within a time period – this is an International Quality Standard.
  • It has been useful with the analysis of Radiology turnaround time, ED Activity time, Patient turnaround time to ascertain the LEAN achievement. 

“These have in no small measure aided Management decision making during this very crucial time.” He concluded.

Diver is an award-winning end-to-end Data Management, BI/Analytics and KPI platform from Dimensional Insight (DI) with over 2,600 customers worldwide. As well as wide Health usage in Scandinavia, France, Ireland and the USA, the product is used by many of the Global Fortune 5000® companies. This cost-effective BI platform rapidly delivers performance dashboards, self-service reporting, ad hoc analytics, and data management capabilities to support any technical or user-defined requirement.

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