How Health Intelligence can maximise your data assets!

What does this mean and what can Manitex do about it ? It is difficult to summarise in a few words what we actually do for our customers, but ask yourself the following question wherever you may sit in your organisation.

“Am I reasonably self-sufficient in my Health Intelligence needs? This means can I currently get access to all the information needed to support my job function or my department/organisations objectives, can I get it in a timely manner when its needed and can I access it in an easy to use manner from whatever location I happen to be in without specialist technical assistance?”

If the answer to this is “Yes” then well done, you are probably self sufficient, but please read on anyway and maybe you will still see some unique way we can help you.

But if the answer to this question is “No” then Manitex can definitely help you. Please see the rest of this article for some examples of how we can help and please contact, and one our specialists will be in touch.

Believe it or not the associated technology does not matter, we don’t mind which software applications you use or in what databases you store your data, or even if your data requirements are not currently stored electronically. We will help resolve these issues, as we have done for many customers, as part of the project to meet your Health Intelligence requirements.

HealthDIVER is the global name for a portfolio of solutions which we have implemented in the last 20 years covering many of the information requirements in Irish Hospitals and other Healthcare organisations. Please see the back of the PDF brochure on the following link which lists many of these solutions –

Manitex has been working in the Irish Health Intelligence field for over 20 years and we have helped many Health Care organisations optimise their use of Information and encourage continual process improvements. We look forward to assisting you in similar fashion and look forwards to discussing your requirements further.

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