FIOS Empowering the Mental Health services during COVID-19

The HSE’s FIOS Client Information System V 3.3. upgrade has increased the ability of mental health services in Ireland to monitor and manage the quality of services provided to their clients and to support the critical need for virtual consultations during the COVID-19 emergency.

FIOS Client Information System covers the complete workflow of community mental health services.  See

CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service) is a specialist service for people under the age of 18 with mental health difficulties. See

All 16 community teams from both the Linn Dara CAMHS service and Dublin North City and County CAMHS service were recently upgraded to FIOS V 3.3. This upgrade contains a series of changes to supports the following

  • the latest KPIs from the CAMHS National Standard Operating Guidelines.
  • facilitate the rapid move from face to face to virtual patient appointments during the COVID-19 emergency.

With FIOS V3.3 they now experience many advantages:

  • Clinical terminology improvements in keeping with the latest CAMHS National Standard Operating Guidelines
  • Improved service reports provide oversight for the senior management team and line managers
  • caseload report improvements to assist CAMHS staff in managing client workload and monitor national KPIs.
  • New service reports to assist staff in managing appointments during the COVID-19 emergency.

The system originally went live in Linn Dara CAMHS for 40 users across the 8 clinics in Sept 2019. FIOS has been used for many years by the HSE’s CAMHS service in the Dublin North City and Central, with 140 administration, management and clinical users across their 8 community teams. The system is completely web based and the servers are securely centralised in the HSE’s data centre.

“FIOS has drastically reduced the effort spent on the monthly reporting package to the HSE, doing this manually it could take days, now it takes a few hours. The FIOS system supports the day to day operations of the clinical and administration staff, management information available through Diver dashboards and reports are available to key staff to support the drive towards continual process improvement”

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