EndoRAAD Going Mobile during Covid-19

EndoRAAD is increasingly being installed in a mobile configuration which can accompany the Endoscopy camera stack directly into procedure locations. This gives the Hospital many advantages and more flexibility to computerise patient procedures being performed in a number of Theatre or Procedure locations.

It also helps the Hospital with JAG accreditation for Endoscopy units and data returns to the National GI Endoscopy QI Programme, so that 100% of Endoscopy procedures are computerised.

With the increase in procedure waiting lists due to Covid-19 emergency, it also gives the Hospital more options to get the waiting lists back on target. Other Hospitals are also considering adding additional permanent procedure rooms for similar reasons.

EndoRAAD is already installed in multiple Theatre Departments across our customer base. The EndoRAAD PC can be configured as a mobile unit which can sit on the Endoscopic Camera Stack or it can be placed on its own mobile PC trolley. This has huge advantages as it provides flexibility to the clinical staff allowing them to easily move the EndoRAAD PC and Endoscopic Camera Stack between rooms wherever there is the greatest patient need.

EndoRAAD’s ability to allow real-time capture of pictures/ video segments and the creation of the patient’s report during the procedure removes the need for paper-based reports and hard copy pictures in the Theatre Department, meaning all Endoscopy procedures have an Electronic Patient Record. As soon as the Endoscopist signs off the electronic report, its is available for viewing on the Hospital’s network by authorised staff and can be easily sent to the referring doctor.

Having the mobile EndoRAAD capability gives Hospital endoscopy staff greater flexibility in scheduling patient procedures and more efficient use of Hospital resources.

There are various install options to make EndoRAAD Mobile:

EndoRAAD can be installed on a compact PC which can be placed on the Endoscopic Camera Stack. The PC can share the same screen as the Endoscopic camera and can use picture in picture capabilities, or in some sites a 2nd monitor is mounted on the stack.

The EndoRAAD PC can be placed on a separate trolley which can be moved with but independently of the Endoscopic Camera Stack. The associated image capture cabling between the two is configured with a robust twist and lock connector for ease of movement.

The National GI Endoscopy QI Programme requests that all Hospital submit 100% of their Endoscopy procedures to the HSE’s NQAIS system on a quarterly basis, which includes all procedure locations.

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