Beaumont upskills their Diver power users

Beaumont Hospital has used the Diver Solution for many years in the majority of their departments for reporting and analysis. In the winter of 2021, they decided to upskill their power users’ Diver knowledge within the various departments.

The aim of this training was to bring their key Diver users up to speed with the latest features and functionalities, as well as reminding users of the benefits of the Diver solution. The Hospital asked Manitex to deliver the training, which had become urgent because of the increased demand for accurate information during the Covid-19  pandemic. 

According to the Hospital’s head of Business Intelligence, “the course felt like an invigorating ‘half time’ where I felt we were expertly coached by the Manitex team on how to improve! We all gained valuable knowledge with both Prodiver and Diveport administration”.

“This has in turn given the Hospital some immediate benefits like allowing the Business Intelligence Team to focus on other critical activities during this Covid-19 pandemic. The team has a better understanding  of the Diver solution thereby ensuring more accurate reporting & understanding Hospital wide.”

The Diver Solution is currently used by 255 active users across the multiple departments within Beaumont Hospital, including the Finance and HR Departments. By attending the Diver course, users were able to see the full power of the Diver solution and how they can improve their existing and future access to information across multiple systems. 

Diver is an award-winning end-to-end Data Management, BI/Analytics and KPI platform from Dimensional Insight (DI) with over 2,600 customers worldwide. As well as wide Health usage in Scandinavia, France, Ireland and the USA, the product is used by many of the Global Fortune 5000® companies. This cost-effective BI platform rapidly delivers performance dashboards, self-service reporting, ad hoc analytics, and data management capabilities to support any technical or user-defined requirement.

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